• Lectures and Discussions

  • Arbaeen 1445 (September 2023)

    From Traditional Ijtihād to Collective Ijtihād: A Natural Progression

    The Three Part Series by Shaykh Arif

  • Recent Series

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    23 Years of Prophethood and Transformation

    Muharram 1444 reflections.

    The Journey Within

    Ramadan 1443 Reflections

    Islam and God Centricity

    Muharram 1443 reflections

    Discovering God

    The nature of God, the self, and devotion.

    The Search for Meaning

    Shaykh Arif speaks about purpose while expanding on human suffering, identity, relationships, and God.

    The Quran and Diversity

    Quran, Salvation, World Peace, and Unity in diversity with pluralism.

  • Lecture Series

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    Spiritual Insights

    An On-Going Series

    Every two Thursdays

    Fatima (a.s)

    The Lady of Light

    Friday Juma

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Shaykh Arif discusses the deadly sins and how they may be a means of enlightenment to mankind.

    Five Part Series

    Decoding the Mahdi

    An enlightening view on the rituals, traditions, and Utopia relating to the Mahdi.

    Ten Part Series

    Sages of the Quran

    Shaykh Arif takes us on a journey exploring the sages of the Quran

    Twenty Nine Part Series

    Philosophy of Dua

    Shaykh Arif explores the "why and how" of supplication

    Three Part Series

    Discovering God Through Yourself

    Shaykh Arif takes us on a journey of enlightenment in this series exploring our relationship with God

    Five Part Series

    The Quran and Diversity

    If God is loving then why are people violent in God's name?

    Ten Part Series