• Muharram 1444: 23 Years of Prophethood and Transformation

    By Shaykh Arif

  • The Meccan Context and the Prophet

    Night 1

    The Prophet and Quran

    Night 2

    The Essential Teachings of the Quran

    Night 3

    The Quranic Strategy for Reform

    Night 4

    The Meccan Period and the Quran

    Night 5

    The Migration to Medina and The Eviction of the Muslims

    Night 6

    The Strategy in Medina

    Night 7

    The Battles and Lessons Learned Through Them

    Night 8

    The Pilgrimages and the Conquest of Mecca

    Night 9

    Nearing the End and the Completion of Islam

    Night 10

    Ashura Day

    Night 11


    Night 11

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