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Ramadhan 2022 Lecture Series by Shaykh Arif

Shaykh Arif to deliver 10 part series titled The Journey Within

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This Ramadhan, Shaykh Arif will be delivering a 10-part series titled ‘The Journey Within’ to be released each night during the first 10 nights of the holy month of Ramadhan. 

The lecture series is inspired by the saying of our holy Prophet (pbuh) in which he states:

The one who knows himself, knows his Lord. 

Based on Qur'anic instructions and the thoughts of our masters and mystics, Shaykh Arif will attempt to shed light on how we can attain a true understanding of who we are. 

Check out the promo video below to find out more about the upcoming Ramadhan series. The lectures for each night will also be available on this page after each night: