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Quran & Religious Pluralism

‘Quran and Religious Pluralism’ delivered by Shaykh Arif at the Organisation for Islamic Learning, Toronto in Muharrum 2018 has been Summarised by Arsheen Devji.

Shaykh Arif argues, using Quranic verses, that the din- religion of Allah through which salvation is attained does not refer to ‘Islam’ as a formal religion but rather it refers to submission to God and His teachings, which are designed to bring about human flourishing. The specific formulations and rulings can change in accordance with context as they are not what is essential. The essence is shared equally within humanity at large, and in particular, by the monotheistic faiths, especially the Abrahamic faiths, who in one way or another, concur upon the notion of God-centricity and spiritual morality.

Devji concludes by sharing her own critical reflections on the lectures and suggestions on how to move forward.

The summary can be downloaded here